Mh Rechargeable Battery Mp3

Mh Rechargeable Battery Mp3
Increase Mp3 player running life?

Increase Mp3 player running life?
I bought a MP3 from for a click price.
It was a 2 gb mp3 player that supported video.
It had a rechargable battery

It work great but I had one main problem
The dang thing only played for about 30 minutes and then
(Note: I’m no computer Gods)
I had an idea. What if I open it up can replace or
combine batteries.
SO I open it up and combine the batteries.
Reasons I didn’t just try to replace the battery:
1. Might mess up and destroy the whole mp3 player
2. New Battery might be to strong
3. Didn’t want to really destory cosmo to the inter machine
I use a A. Ni-MH Rechargeable battery.
Note: I would have use the same stock brand battery but
the off-band company didn’t label it’s battery so
Well. that’s about it..
Do you think it will work better?
DO you think I will have problems recharging?
Here goes a link to same information but with pics

bad battery i can see.
change a new one.Seriously i mean it…
Ni-MH Rechargeable battery should be a good one actually.If can, best is u change a brand new MP3.Gd luck!

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