10 Cr2032 Lithium

10 Cr2032 Lithium
What is the best graphics card i can get on my computer with my current spec?

Externally Accessible

Video: 1 DVI, VGA and 1 S-Video (with add-in PCI-Express video card)
IEEE 1394 (optional) – 1 6-pin serial connector
USB: 7 Ports (2 Front, 5 Back) + 1 internal
Audio: Audio – six back-panel connectors for line-in, line-out, microphone, rear surround, side surround, two front-panel connectors for headphones/microphone, integrated 7.1 channel sound
Network: Integrated Ethernet
Integrated 10/100 network interface

Expansion Slots

PCI: 2 Slots
PCIe x1: 1 Slot
PCIe x16 (Graphics): 1 Slots


305 Watt DC Power Supply
Backup battery: 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell

3.5″ Bays: 3 bays (one external; two internal)
5.25″ Bays: 2 bays
Memory DIMM slots: 4 available

Dimensions & Weight

H: 16.2″ (41.00 cm)
W: 7.4″ (18.79 cm)
D: 17.25″ (43.80 cm)

Your current Power supply will be bottlenecking almost any current graphics card out there. With that 305 watt, a ATI Radeon X1600 might work. The 7800GT might also just skim past. If you’d like a better card, the 8800GT, 9800GTX+ or the 4850 is the one to go for so with these cards in mind, you’d probably want to upgrade your PSU to one with about 550W. Don’t worry, they’re not too expensive.

Hope I helped!

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