Lithium Uk

Lithium Uk
What do you think is the smartest metal to invest in as protection form inflation? Gold? Silver? Lithium…?

I might consider investing in companies that mine it.

Bonus question: What part of the article jumps out most at you?

I like the part that says “Bolivia is concerned about damage to the environment” with a picture of a completely barren wasteland.

The primary value of gold is in making jewelery for men to give women. When the economy really tanks the value of gold will plummet. It is not money any more. If you do not believe that mail order some from Glenn Beck and take it down to your local we buy gold place and see how much you lose.

Buy stock in an oil company. Some day the economy somewhere is going to heat up and drive the cost through the roof again. You will make a killing. I recommend Chevron. At today’s price you will get about 4.5% on your investment in dividends while you are waiting for the price of oil to double.

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