Pc Maxell Cr

PC motherboard battery installation?

My PC motherboard has a Panasonic, CR 2032, 3V battery made in Indonesia. I need to replace it bcoz my clock keeps changing time so I bought a Maxell, CR 2032, 3V battery made in Japan

1. Does it matter bcoz one is panasonic made in indonesia and the other is Maxell made in Japan?

2. Can anyone give a step-by-step procedure to replace the old one? do i have to configure anything when PC is booting? or just switch off the PC, remove the old battery and put the new one, and turn switch PC on (I have windows XP)

Thank you.

open the tower. look for the old battery. use a screw driver to release the clip that’s holding the old battery in place. put the new one in. turn the pc on. you will need to supply the current time settings in the bios. don’t worry, it’s automatic. when you turn the pc on, the system will automatically ask for a new time & date setting.