18650 Rechargeable Charger

18650 Rechargeable Charger
I’m thinking about getting a flashlight, what batteries would this one require?

UltraFire WF-016 SSC-P7 3-Mode 800-Lumen LED Flashlight with Assault Crown (1*18650)


Thats the name. If you could give me a URL or link to a battery on this site. All I want is a cheap rechargeable battery and charger that will run this flashlight for at least 90 min or so. I want the light to perform at it’s peak, I don’t know if voltage makes the light perform at a dimmer level, but lumens are important. Also, I’m using the flashlight for my airsoft gun so bare that in mind.

Here is the link you requested.


TrustFire 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Travel Charger 4.2V 600mAh from Dinodirect.com