Battery Ipod 5th Gen

Battery Ipod 5th Gen
Would you pay $60 to replace the battery on your ipod nano 2nd gen. or $162 to get a ipod nano 5th gen?

I never really wanted to (don’t like things in my ears) use my ipod nano 2nd gen. until now…but the battery seems to only charge a tiny bit even after charging for awhile…and it’s a shame really.

So I purchased an ipod nano 5th gen and want to know if it’s worth replacing the battery on the older one which is still in great condition

I would definitely get the new one. It’s got lots of amazing features that make it a great value and it’s covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, unlike the old one. And, if you don’t like wearing earbuds, the new one has a built-in speaker.

A Safe 5th Generation iPod Battery Replacement Installation