12v 90ah

12v 90ah
battery and subwoofer help?

hi! im getting a micro car and im planning to get subwoofer and stuff like that to it. but im getting:
Ground Zero GZBP 12.3500 … 12V / 90Ah battery to it but im not sure how “powerful” alternator i should get to it? getting:
two: Alpine Type-R SPR-13S … 5.25″ … 2-way … 100W/rms
Ground Zero Uranium GZUA 4135DX 4-way 4 x 135W/rms (4 Ohm)
Ground Zero Radioactive GZRB 2300X
Ground Zero Uranium GZUA 1.1000DX mono 2ohm 600W/rms.
won’t alternator hurt “cars” performance? its not really so strong “car”.

about 70a to 100a out put should be reasonable
good luck

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