24v Battery Charger

24v Battery Charger
What is better 12 V or 24 V charger? for a 150Ah Battery. Power input: 220V, 50 Hz.?

I am looking to make a back up power unit for my house (in case of power supply failure) to run an electrical load of about 400 Watts (220V, 50 Hz.). Power input to charger is the same: 220V / 50 Hz.

Plan to buy a 150Ah Lead Acid Battery and hook it up with charger and inverter.
What Charger is better 12V/24V? Does it affect/depend upon the battery type?
How long do you think the supply would last?

Thanks for your help in advance.

It depends on the type of DC to AC convertor. If its input is designed for 12 volts DC,you need a 12 volts battery with 150AH or higher AH rate. Then you need a 12 volts battery charger output at least 1.5 amperes (10% of current rate) to charge the battery up to fully charged in 16 hours.
How long the supply would last? It depends on how good and how effiency the DC to AC convertor that you have. Some poor cheap design waste a lot of electricity and turn into heat.
Therefore,I estimate you might have 2 to 4 hours to support an
output of 220 volts AC at 400 watts load. Do a test load or read its specification.

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