Ag1 Battery

Ag1 Battery
Need batteries for an LED light?

I own a Cabela’s knife that has an LED light on it. However, the batteries have died on it and I don’t know what kinds of batteries it uses, or how many to get. I’ve tried a few retailers watch/jewelry sections but they don’t carry or recognize the battery type. The light consists of 4 parts. The housing (attached to the knife), An inch or so long battery, a small top-hat like battery, and the light and spring. The longer battery (or batteries I can’t tell) is enclosed and held together by a white plastic with a green stripe down the middle. One of the batteries in the stack is marked ‘AG1 + Buttoncell’ the other side is unmarked (the negative side). The ‘tophat’ battery is unmarked on both sides. Should I remove the plastic? What kinds (and how many) batteries do I need? Where can I get them?

Here are the equivalent batteries for an AG-1. It requires 3 button type batteries for the LED light.

* LR60, LR620
* SR60, SR60L, CX60
* 621,SR621, SR621SW, S621E, R621, TR621, l621, lr621W
* 364,364A, 364B, SP364, V364, D364, GP364
* 531, 620, 164, 602
* G1A
* 280-34
* T battery

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