Lighting Batteries

Lighting Batteries
How can I tap into my apartment’s electricity to add new lighting fixtures?

I live in a small apartment in Los Angeles and am giving it a makeover. I would really like to add some new lighting fixtures (under-cabinet lights in the kitchen, overhead lights in the closet) but don’t want to use battery operated lights.

How can I tap into my apartments electricity to hardwire some switches?

If you are unsure how to tie into or add an electric circuit, it is best to contact a professional electrician first for the safety issue, and secondly because professional electricians know the tricks for running wires in ceilings and walls whild causing only minimal damage to the walls.

For under cabinet lighting, you might try using plug in fixtures like these:

and plugging them into an outlet under your cabinets. You can hide the cord using a decorative wood, metal or plastic wiring channel (Wiremould) and paint it to match the wall color

Viatek Puck Stick’Em Battery Operated LED Light