Cr2025 Cr

bios battery?

my system cmos battery number is cr 2032 but in market i got cr2025 . if i replace cr2025 to my system will it get any harm to the system. also plz tell me how to remove the battery from its holder.

i. volts is ditto at 3 volts, as also diameter at 20 mm
now comes the part where there is a small difference in height
cr2032 > 3.2 mm & cr2025 > 2.5 mm
so i’m not very sure on your skill level at managing that part
should work, only that you may have to press the clip a little bit harder

ii. as regards battery change procedure, let me locate some manuals


& an image

caution: some holders may present problems with the cr2025
you may need to put in a metal foil or strip below the battery for it to engage

so please take a closer look at the battery holder first
& btw a cr2032 is a pretty common one and a wider search should get you the proper one

best of luck on that and should you need further help, feel free

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