Technology Battery Charger

Technology Battery Charger

LaCrosse Technology BC 9009 Alpha Power Battery Charger

This really amazing charger has many features that will satisfy both the regular person who just needs to constantly recharge batteries for all of todays many must-have items as well as the technically minded among us! This is a smart charger,that also has discharge features, automated recondition features and even a test feature. Plus the LaCrosse Technology BC 9009 Alpha Power Battery charger has complete instructions included that are very detailed, which means that anyone can use it easily!

Just look at everything this Battery Charger comes with!

It has Four separate charge channels.  That means you can charge one, two three or four batteries at the same time – even on individual charge programs, i.e.- test one battery while charging the others!
  All modes automatically default to 200 mA charge, but as the user, you can select up to 1000 mA for four batteries and up to 1800 mA for two.
  You can charge both AA and AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously! What a plus for most of us!!!!
  The LaCrosse Technology BC 9009 Alpha Power Battery Charger has built-in Overheat Detection to protect from over-charging – a great safety feature.
  It comes with 4 – 2000mAh AA and 4 – 750 mAh AAA LaCrosse Technology branded NiMH batteries.
  It also comes with 4 – C and D battery adapters and a nylon carrying case. Just like in the picture!
  There is a 110-240 AC adapter included.

Just think of all the items in our society today that require batteries.  Flashlights, cameras, razors, smoke detectors, radon detectors, IPODs, CD players, Video and Voice recorders, anything that you might use headphones for, cordless telephones, answering machines for those phones, clocks (whether they are wall clocks, mantle clocks or alarm clocks these days they ALL need batteries.), basically anything electonic( portable Boom boxes, radios, etc.)

And I didn’t even mention the mountain of kids toys that are electonic and that state right on the package, “Batteries not included.” but which of course require AT LEAST one or two AA or AAA batteries before you can even start to play with them.  Dolls, toy guns, toy trucks and cars, board games, card games, video games that go with the latest GAME BOY(How many batteries a week do your kids go through with each of those?), all of the WII accessories, plus ALL OF THE LATEST EDUCATIONAL TOYS AND TECHNOLOGY that will help your child get ahead in school like LEAPFROG GAMES.  They all have one thing in common – they require lots and lots of batteries to run them!!!!!

So you can spend a fortune every year buying new ones and replacing them – OR  you can buy the LaCrosse Technology BC 9009 Alpha Power Battery Charger and recharge your batteries time and time again.  Think of all the money you will save in just one year!  Over the next 5 years?  It boggles the mind!

It really is well worth your investment.  The – LaCrosse Technology BC 9009 Alpha Power Battery Charger is a long-lasting and extremely useful tool for anyone’s arsenal!

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