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how do we increase the power of a motor?

I have a razor motor(http://shop.razor.com/product.php?productid=16140&cat=271&page=2) which is of 24v when i connect it to a 3.6v rechargeable battery (which is of tata mobile phone) and it is very difficult to stop that and it is rotating slow and when i connect it to a 9v everyday battery it is rotating speed but it is very easy to stop it,

so what should i do to increase it speed as well as the power of the motor.

and when i connect it to 24v battery it is rotating very speed and has some power. and when i connect it to a 12v mobile charger it is same as 9v battery but 9v batters has some power but the mobile charger doesn’t have least power and when we stop the motor when we connect to the charger it is vibrating.

and please tell me where is the change in the power and the speed.

Generally speaking, in electric motors torque in inversely proportional to speed.

You may want to look into the maximum current each supply is capable of giving. Motors draw more current as load increases, if your supply cannot produce the required current the motor will stall

A motor draws around 6 times full load current at startup

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