Battery Charger Htc Hd

Battery Charger Htc Hd
HTC desire HD not working!!?

So ive had this phone for about 8 months and 3 months ago i broke my charger, i had to wait a few weeks to get a new one but when i did it wouldnt charge and i kept getting this orange flashing light so i took it to the phone shop and they said it was because of the battery so i got a new battery and when i put it into the charger i get solid orange light (which is normal). However ive now had it in for 3 days and my phone still wont turn on so i took out the charger and the orange light wouldnt go i had to take out the battery for it to go.

I really need to know why it wont work, is it bust and will i have to get a new one?

By taking out the charger, you have done the right thing because all it was doing is discharging and recharging itself simultaneously. To my view, your battery is perfectly functional.
Since your phone fails to turn on, this could be because of a hardware malfunction caused due to overheating of battery, mechanical damage, worn out because of use, or you could probably be looking at software damage as well, In this case, to be sure of the nature of the problem, connect your phone to your computer and try connecting to it with the PC companion software. If it connects, you can probably try reloading the Android OS from the PC itself, In case of hardware damage, you will probably need to send it to the retailer or service centre and based on your timeline, your warranty could save you a buck in repairs,

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