Battery Charger Power Chair

Battery Charger Power Chair
Problem with power chair…can someone help me?

My husband was in power chair, we went for a walk down the street. Power chair batteries went dead. I pushed the chair for a couple of blocks home. Now it will not charge. I dont’ know if I broke it or if there is something wrong with the charger. Usually the charger has a little fan in it that blows while charging. The fan did not come on, the charger is showing a green light which means that it is charged but the chair will not move. All the lights on the controller keep flashing when I turn on the chair. We bought it used.

Hello,I work on power chairs on occasion and don’t know it all by any means.Not knowing the make and model limits the answer.Most units have an on board computer/controller that monitors the state of battery charge,tilt angle,and electrical connections for the motors and brakes.The controller is flashing a trouble code that is read as a series of flashes.You can probably go to the manufacturers website and find out what the code is saying then take it from there.

How to Buy a Power Chair Battery?

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