Nimh Battery Aaa

Nimh Battery Aaa

Overview of Tenergy TN160 12-Bay Smart Battery Charger

Tenergy TN160 is one of the affordable smart battery chargers that you can purchase at trusted online stores like We will consider a brief overview of this smart battery charger in this article, together with some of the main features of Tenergy TN160. We will also discuss some helpful buying tips to aid the potential customers to earn additional discounts for Tenergy TN160 charger, and some customer reviews will also be discussed.

Tenergy TN160 Smart Battery Charger has 12 battery charging slots to enable far better battery charging efficiency compared to chargers with less than 10 charging slots. This feature is very advantageous for home and industrial usage, mostly for those who have plenty of toys or electronic devices. Tenergy TN160 only supports AAA and AA Nickel-Metal Hydride/Nickel Cadmium batteries.

The 12 battery slots of TN160 are independent from each other, which can be used for individual charging and detection, and AA & AAA batteries can be mixed when charging without any issues. Tenergy TN160 charger is also designed with an easy to read LCD that displays the status of each of the batteries, whether a battery is charging, discharging, fully charged, or battery charging is in progress. In addition, to ensure the safety of users/owners, TN160 smart battery charger is tested and designed with 8 hour safety timer, reverse polarity protection, and it has an accurate voltage detection that will prevent over/undercharging.

As stated earlier in this post, one of the trusted online merchants that is distributing Tenergy products such as TN160 is, and this online store is providing great deals on Tenergy TN160 charger and battery combos. On top of these offers, there are also coupons that will give you additional savings, but these coupon code offers are only available for a limited time. You can follow this link to read more on how to take advantage of these all battery special codes.

An owner of Tenergy TN160 charger relates that he purchased this charger after he have worn out 2 other chargers of different brands, and finds his new charger very useful where he can take fully charged batteries as needed, charge the dead ones, and still have extra fresh batteries.

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