Charger Lifepo4 Battery

Charger Lifepo4 Battery
What good are lifepo4 batteries? They don’t last worth a crap next to NIMH?!?

What applications are there for lifepo4’s because I just bought these brand new 2500mah sanyos complete with charger and they seem to die much much quicker than their smaller NIMH counterparts. I’ve used them singly, in parallel and in series to power things like a bulb, camera, electric motor and led lights. They last a laughably short time. Like 10 minutes in most applications. This is ridiculous. What a waste of money and such a let down! I have tried charging for like 5 hours, and i’ve tried charging for like 2. in either case, the charger says they’re done and they last the same short time regardless. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

They are for high discharge applications, like a motor that needs a lot of power for a shorter period of time. They have a long life in terms of cycles, perhaps 1500 or more discharge/recharge. I think they are intended to be used in applications like vehicles, bikes for instance, where gravity can recharge them through braking systems that recharge batteries on the downhill runs, or hybrid applications. They are cooler to operate which makes them safer than lithium cobalt dioxide batteries used in laptops and other consumer electronics. I would assume that the problem you are having is due to not having enough of them in parallel for the capacity you are seeking with the motor. I haven’t seen them recommended for lighting.

Setting a 4-button charger to charge LiFePO4 or A123 batteries

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