Schwinn Electric Battery Charger

What is my electric scooter worth?

Recently, I’ve been considering selling my Schwinn s350 electric scooter. It’s got a great blue paint job with a great seat and so forth. I saw that it originally costs $199.99 retail. However, there’s one problem, the battery is broken. But I have two extra chargers. Considering that problem, what would be a good price to sell it for based on this information?

Electric scooters are like cars. Depending on the make, model, year, original price, condition, features, and demant, an electric scooter can depreciate, or appreciate.

Schwinn scooters are very accessible, and inexpensive, so you are going to get less than someone with a rarer, more expensive scooter (Go-ped brand).

You mentioned that your batteries were no good? Well, that cost should be subtracted from the price, or the batteries should be replaced prior to sale.

As soon as you drive your scooter “off the lot” it depreciates by at least 20%. This is because your scooter is officially “Used” now.

Your scooter is $199 new, the batteries are dead, and the unit has been used, so you are probably not going to get much in return for it. I would subtract $50 for batteries, $50 for the “used factor”, and try to sell it on craigslist, unfixed, for about $75, or fixed for about $100.

Good luck with your sale and upgrade.
If you need any suggestions on models,
I highly recommend the Go-Ped Brand.
Go-Ped is made in the US, and boasts
the highest quality of all of the Manufacturers.


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