Ultrafire Charger

Ultrafire Charger
where can i find a charger for an Lc 16340 880mAh 3.7V battery?

okay, lets face it, i don’t know squat about batteries. and there’s this type of battery that i have that needs charging but i don’t know which charger is right for my battery, can any of you help?
this is what it looks like http://www.everbuying.com/m-gallery.htm?id=23102&u=/uploads/201003/source-img/591/UltraFire-LC-16340-3-7V-880mAh-Rechargeable-Battery-2-Pack-G-2773.jpg
it would be awesome if you guy’s could find a charger for this type of battery.






Ultrafire WF-139 Charger

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